Dinner Entrees


Grilled Chicken Breast $12
Boneless breast of chicken, char-grilled, served with vegetable du jour and chef’s potatoes Crab Cake Dinner $15
Our special crab cakes sautéed in butter, served with French fries and coleslaw.

Grilled Atlantic Salmon $15
Marinated salmon fillet, grilled and served with vegetable du jour and chef’s potatoes

Fresh Catch Of The Day Market Price.
Fresh fish and seafood, selected and prepared daily by our chef.


New York Strip Steak $17
Top grade sirloin hand cut and trimmed to 12oz, char-grilled to your taste, veg du jour, mash and onion rings.

Grilled Rib-Eye The Prime Cut ! $21
Hand cut and trimmed to 14oz.Char-grilled to your taste. Sauteed mushrooms, mashed potato, Irish whiskey sauce.


Smokey Bar-B-Q Ribs $ $13
Tender young pork ribs. Dry spice rubbed, slow cooked, finished in a smokey barbeque sauce .Served with
French fries and coleslaw.

Drunken Swine $13
Pork tenderloin marinated in Guinness, oven roasted to perfection, served with veg du jour and chef’s potatoes.


Grilled Baby Lamb Chops Spring lamb, marinated in lemon/olive oil. Grilled to taste served with grilled vegetable and chef’s potatoes.

Kabobs $9
Seasoned lamb, grilled on a skewer, served with hummus, cucumber, tomato, dilled sour cream, and warm pita bread.


Fish and Chips …Beer battered cod, fried golden brown, served with creamy coleslaw and tartar. $12

Bangers and Mash…Our fluffy ,buttery potatoes, roasted Irish bangers in a rich brown gravy. $12

Cottage Pie…Seasoned beef cooked with onion and rich gravy topped with creamy
mashed potatoes. $10

Guinness Irish Stew...Slow simmered chunks of beef, carrots, celery and potato in a beef stock. $10

Fisherman’s Pie… Select chunks of fresh seafood, served in a creamy Neuberg sauce. Topped with a flaky pastry. $14

Chicken Pot Pie… Tender chunks of chicken, carrots, celery, potatoes in a flavorful stew, baked in a pie crust $12

*prices are subject to change without notice, please call 215.923.1103 for details


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